The Resource Center at Finca Morpho, Costa Rica

As consumers, the most responsible thing we can do is to buy locally, from small businesses, support fair and direct trade, and even grow or produce our own goods! When we do these things, we get to lower our carbon footprint, reduce plastic consumption, support community and build healthy relationships with humans, animals and the earth.

Because of the fast-paced lifestyles and convenience we’ve become accustomed to, it can be difficult to become a conscious consumer. Even as a conscious consumer, it can be difficult to access sustainable goods. But, if we keep voting with our dollar, educating ourselves and using our voices, we’ll keep making real change!

As part of my ongoing research, I will be interviewing and observing groups and individuals along the consumer-producer line. You’ll be able to follow my journey through my social media, blog posts and through my upcoming podcast!

Stay radical. Stay wild.

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